CSCI A114 / INFO I111
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First semester 2001-2002

Sun Dec 16
Final grades posted.

On behalf of Michael, Reuben and Natarajan we wish you a Happy New Year!

And good luck with everything you undertake.

Thu Oct 18

Posted help with homework six had been posted since Sunday.

Some last minute hints with homework six will be posted here tonight.

Here's the exam as administered today.

Final exam today at 2:30pm in class. Make sure you have this around (at the very least). Exam is open-book and open-notes. Good luck to all of you!

You may have to wait until tomorrow lab time to find out what your grades for the make up are. I am sure you appreciate the chance of taking a make-up just as I am sure that you don't appreciate the make-up not being graded yet. But think honestly and truthfully about your make-up: did you do well? Then, why worry. Didn't you do well enough? Then, tomorrow is your last chance to make it up. Tomorrow's lab is the last lab of this semester.

Wed Oct 17
I hope to have all make-up exams graded by 5pm today.

Sun Oct 14
Lecture notes for Tuesday posted, review for the final.

Thu Oct 11
Here's data you can use to work on your homework 5 and 6.

Wed Oct 10
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 22:59:35 -0500 (EST)
From: Adrian German <>
To: A114 Fall 2001 Distribution List;
Subject: Homework 5 and 6

Dear A114/I111 Friends, 

Since I delayed posting data and help for assignment 5 for so long
I would like to extend the due date for homework 5 to Wednesday. I hope
that is OK with you. 

I've just finished Lab Notes Eleven, that give a hint for each of the queries that it's comprised of. I will now post homework 6, followed by the database to be used with both homework 5 and 6 (as a benchmark). Homework five will be due Wed 10/17 in lab. Homework six will be due Thu 10/18 in class: bring it with you to the final exam (10/18 BH228 2:30-3:20pm). You do not need to work on any other tutorial from the lab manual. Feel free to read and ask questions about tutorial 9 (nine) though. There will be a make-up of the practical in the last lab (10/19). The final is mostly taken from homework 5 and 6. Plus database design (such as entity-relationship diagrams). Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. ... Adrian

Lab Notes Eleven, finished, help with Assignment Five.

Fri Oct 5
Homework Five posted.


Thu Oct 4
Lecture notes for today have been posted.

Wed Oct 3
In lab today make sure you turn in Lab 7 (if you have not yet turned it in).

Or, if you want to turn in a better version of it.

In lab today please start the eighth project tutorial.

The lab manual contains all the details.

There will be some VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in it.

We will soon start exploring VBA for Access in a very organized way in class.

Lab notes will be posted around 10am today.

Tue Oct 2
Data for assignment four is available now.

Practical grades posted, set semester standards.

Make-ups (in consequence) forthcoming: Friday, next Tuesday.

Fri Sep 28
Today in lab we'll talk about the midterm, turn in lab 7, start work on homework 4.

Thu Sep 27
Data for the next lab assignment: Workorders and Category

Tue Sep 25
Today in class we'll go over a sample practical exam.

Sun Sep 23
Homework Four has been posted.

Practical Exam Review Sheet has been posted.

Minute paper grades are now up to date.

I have created an e-mail distribution list, here's a copy of the message that I sent to the list. Please make sure you find it in your mailbox. If you do not receive any such e-mail please let me know so I can add your username to the list.

Fri Sep 21
There will be a Practical Review on Mon 9/24 at 9pm in BH228.

The practical is Wed 9/26, in lab.

Homework Three is due at the end of the lab today.

Lab notes for today help with third homework assignment, posted.

Thu Sep 20
Lecture notes for today help with the assignment, contain data.

Wed Sep 19
Lab Notes for today have been posted.

Tue Sep 18
Lecture Notes for today have been posted.

Fri Sep 14
Since the campus is closed 11am-1pm attendance to labs today is optional. Use your attendance, if you come, to ask questions, start on the third assignment, or work on the 6th project. The due dates of all of the currently posted assignments will be moved, to reflect today's closing of the campus for worship and reflection during this National Day of Prayer.

Thu Sep 13
Homework Three posted.

Wed Sep 12
Lab notes for today posted.

Tue Sep 11
Text of Statement issued by IU President Miles Brand.

Lecture notes for today posted.

Fri Sep 7
Lab notes for today have been posted.

Thu Sep 6
Lecture notes for today have been posted.

Homework Two (due next week) has been posted also.

Tue Sep 4
Lecture notes for today and lab notes for tomorrow have been posted.

Mon Sep 3
Office hours have finally been posted.

Fri Aug 31
Lab Notes for today (containing Lab Assignment Two) posted.

Homework One has been posted.

Thu Aug 30
Lecture Notes Two have been posted.

Homework One and Lab Notes Two to be posted late night tonight.

Wed Aug 29
Lab Notes One have been posted.

Tue Aug 28
Fall semester 2001 A114/I111 starts in BH228 at 2:30pm.

Updated by Adrian German for A114/I111