What's New?

First semester 2000-2001

Mon Dec 4
Last assignment (#5) and the bonus assignment posted on what's due page.

Thu Nov 30
Lab notes 10 (Ten) have been posted.

They will be used both in lecture and lab.

Mon Nov 26
Lab notes 9 (Nine) and 10 (Ten) being posted.

Homework assignment 4 (due at the end of the second lab this week) has been posted too.

Practice problems for the second practical posted.

Tue Nov 21
Data for lecture notes 8 posted. More grades updated will be posted tonight.

Mon Nov 20
Practical grades posted together with midterm grades and most of the assignments (a few more updates to follow later today).

Sun Nov 19
Midterm grades posted (separately, under fictitious section number 9999).

Thu Nov 16
Midterm today in class (2:30pm in LI033) also one of the sections' practical exam 1 in the lab.

Tue Nov 14
Lab notes 7 contain sample problems for the exams.

Notes for the review session of last night will be posted tomorrow.

Mon Nov 13
Don't forget there's a
midterm & practical exam review session
tonight in Swain East 140 from 7pm to 9pm.

Thu Nov 9
Lecture and lab notes 6 posted.

Assignment 3 posted.

Sun Nov 5
Lecture notes 3 and 5 posted.

There will be a midterm review on Monday November 13 in Swain East 140 (7-9pm).

Fri Nov 3
Homework assignment 2 has been posted it will be due at the end of lab 5.

Thu Nov 2
Lab notes 4 have been posted, homework assignment 2 (P6, page E4.64) to follow.

Wed Nov 1
Here's the class roster section by section.

Tue Oct 31
Lab notes 3 posted.

Mon Oct 30
A113 gradebook initialized, distribution list tested, lab manual has been placed on reserve at Swain.

Sat Oct 28
Syllabus page updated with detailed descriptions of all labs.

Thu Oct 26
Distribution list created, becomes active Friday at 7am. Sent a message to the roster today with initial class information (to be posted in the first set of lecture notes too). Lecture notes 1 and 2 (for the first week) posted.

Wed Oct 25
Site updated, assignment 1 posted, syllabus will be posted tonight, distribution list to be initialized and used with a first test announcement, usernames will be uploaded to Postem (mygrades) for a first test. Lab Notes 2 also posted.

Tue Oct 24
Lab Notes 1 have been posted.

Updated by Adrian German for A113