Data Analysis
Using Spreadsheets

Fall 2001

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A113 Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets (1.5 cr.) P: A110, A111, or equivalent. An introduction to data analysis using spreadsheets, including both scientific and business applications. Elementary statistical concepts and their applications to data analysis. Emphasis on problem-solving techniques. Lecture and laboratory. Half semester.

Dan-Adrian GERMAN 5-7860 LH 201D

Associate Instructors:
Michael WYANT

Classes: two lectures and one of three labs per week:

   1328   Lecture   Adrian       2:30pm -  3:20pm  TR  BH228 

   1329   Lab       Michael      9:30pm - 10:45pm  WF  LH023 
   1330   Lab       Natarajan   11:15am - 12:30pm  WF  BH308 
   1331   Lab       Reuben       4:00am -  5:15pm  WF  SB221 
Weekly assignments, on-line quizzes.
A midterm practical exam and a written final exam.

Office Hours
By appointment or as listed.

Why should you take A113?
A113 is the fourth in the Indiana University MMCC (Multi-campus Modular Computing Curriculum) series of courses. In this course, you will get a chance to use problem-solving techniques and spreadsheet techniques to analyze data and derive various inferences from it. You will learn to find hidden relationships in your data, make sense out of the data and present drab numeric data in a more attractive and useful way.

Who should take A113?
Anyone with some basic spreadsheet knowledge can take A113. You should especially want to take A113 if you are involved in statistical interpretation of data or any form of analysis. The course material is not completely introductory, but not highly advanced either. A113 is not a math course but can't get away with math either. We will mention some of the matematics behind the statistical techniques that we cover, and the main emphasis will be to understand the math well, and implement the techniques using the tools provided.

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