Fall Semester 2003

Our sixth time in lab, Friday November 14, 2003
Nov 14, 2003

Due today
Reading Assignment: Chapter 7 (Tables) in the text.

Starting today
LAB ASSIGNMENT FOUR (the questions listed below).

Due next time
Reading Assignment: Chapter 8 (Regression and Correlation) in the text.

What is the lab assignment?
Answer the questions below also indicating the page(s) in the book where the answer can be found.

When is it due?
Check the What's Due? page for details.

What's the best approach to this assignment?
Read the book, work through all the experiments.

Here are the questions

Chapter 7: Tables.

  1. You are to analyze data from a survey of professors who teach statistics courses. The Survey.xls data set includes 392 responses to questions about whether the course requires calculus, whether statistical software is used, how the software is obtained by students, what kind of computer is used and so on. You've been asked to determine what computers are used most often in statistics instruction. What is your conclusion. Please explain your answer.

  2. Now they ask you to see how computer use varies by department. Do different departments tend to choose different types of computers? Does one department tend to use Macintoshes, whereas another tends to use PCs? Summarize your findings.

  3. Is there any relationship between computer use and department? Why? How do you test that? What's your conclusion?

  4. When you're done the following remark (or question) comes to you from someone that has not seen your results yet but anticipates with some approximation the method you've used in your analysis. The message says: "Did you notice any sparse cells?" What does this mean? What is your answer? Explain.

  5. Is there a relationship between a class requiring calculus as a prerequisite and the size of the class? Might you expect that classes requiring calculus would have smaller enrollments? Why? Explain your analysis and conclusions.

  6. How do you create a custom sort order for your workbook?

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