Fall Semester 2003

Our first time in lab, Wednesday October 29, 2002
Oct 29, 2003

Due today
Make sure you have the textbook:

Starting today
Become familiar with your text.

Take a look through Chapters 1, 2, 3.

Work through the experiment described in Lecture Notes One.

Due next time
  1. Homework One will be collected next time.
  2. You need to show (and describe) your completed experiment.

Today's grading
There won't be any grading today.

Next time you might receive questions of the following nature:

  1. How do you work with Excel (Kenai Fjords, pp. 15-23).
  2. How do you load the StatPlus Add-In and the Data Analysis ToolPak (pp. 30-33)?
  3. What is AutoFill (pp. 40-42).
  4. How do you insert a formula (pp. 47-51)?
  5. What are cell references (p. 51)?
  6. How do you import data from text files (pp. 62-66, Wheat.txt)?
  7. How do you create charts with the chart wizard (pp. 85-91, BigTen.xls)?
  8. How do you edit charts (pp. 91-97)?
  9. What is a bubble plot (pp. 102-106)?

You should also skim through pp. 116-140.

Pages 140-147 overlaps with what we covered in in Lecture One.

You can stop on page 148.

Tomorrow in class I will cover part of Chapter 4 and introduce Chapter 5.

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