Fall Semester 2002

Fall 2002 A113 Practical Exam: This exam is open book, open notes but individual work.

You have 75 minutes. Please don't rush. Good luck and do well.

Here are the coordinates of the practical exam:

  1. Your lab instructor will individually assign a problem to you.

  2. The problem will ask you to determine a probability experimentally.

  3. (Something like in the set of practice Practical problems).

  4. You should set up an experiment, run it, and make your measurements.

  5. Then when you are finished

    1. organize your screen to contain the most representative part of your experiment
    2. (much as in Homework Three or the Central Limit Experiment examples shown)

  6. ... and print the screen shot on one piece of paper, preferably in landscape mode.

  7. Turn the print out to your AI as your exam.

  8. (On the back of your print-out you can add as many comments as you feel the need for).


  1. To take a snapshot of the screen one can press the Print Screen button

  2. Then open Word and press Control-V to paste the screen as demonstrated in class

Each student will get a different problem. Assignments of problems will be made randomly, but once an assignment has been made it can't be changed, so please make sure you understand what your assignment is. Your AI will make a record of all assignments and we will carefully use it in grading. (One does not get any points for solving a problem other than the one assigned, so please treat the assignment with care). And now it's time to get started: good luck, and do well!

Fall 2002 Practical Exam Nov 22, 2002 (A113 Labs)